Monday, 4 August 2014

A Month in London - Istituto Marangoni

That's the reason of the lack of posts lately. I've been in London during a month to do a Fashion Image and Styling course in Istituto Marangoni. What I've to say about it? In one word: FANTASTIC!! 

I've never thought learning so much in a short course like this one. Amazing teachers (I've to mention Asbjor Dunker, the most incredible woman!), super modern space (as you can see in the pictures) and the most lovely class mates! 

The experience of living a month in London was overwelming, but at the same time left on me the wish of living there for one or two years. The times I've been in London before, was as a tourist and only for a few days. So this was a great opportunity to experience the city more and better. And I can say I loved it! 

Concerning the course, now I'm able to do why I've always loved: to be a Fashion Stylist. 

For you that are also interested in a carrear in fashion here is the Istituto Marangoni's site: There are courses in Milan, Paris and London and you can choose from short courses, to masters. 

So, in the end I can say it was an amazing experience!

Image source: google; my instagram
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