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How to become a Boticca jewelry & fashion accessories designer

Boticca’s unique jewelry and fashion accessories are taking the fashion world by storm, both dedicated fashionistas and jewelry and fashion accessories designers alike.

“But what exactly is this Boticca?” I hear you cry!

It’s a curated online marketplace on which independent jewelry and fashion accessory designers can showcase and sell their collections to an international audience – who come to the site because they LOVE independently designed and handmade fashion, because everything on there has a real story, and because it’s all been designed and made by real artisans.

And the other nice thing about Boticca is that, unlike somewhere like the more craft-led Etsy, it’s curated and edited by a team of fashion experts, stylists, collectors and designers, all of whom work tirelessly to present the culture, stories and inspiration behind each of the designers and their pieces on the site.
The idea for Boticca came about when co-founder Avid found a beautifully unusual piece in the busy Medina of Marrakesh; it was here that Avid realised here that such incredible independent designers were hard to come across. Since its launch in 2009, Boticca, now headquartered in London, has since selected over 250 independent designers from 6 continents, who collectively offer more than 6,000 pieces!

How do I apply to showcase my jewelry and fashion accessories on
  • Take a good look around Boticca to understand the concept, ethos, standard and style –browse not only the products, but also the About and Our designers sections;
  • Ask yourself, “does my work fit in well with the Boticca style and culture?”

Because Boticca is curated, the pieces on there are of a certain standard of quality and design, which guarantees customer satisfaction, and reassures designers that they’re in very good company, which means that your designs will need to match that quality in order to impress our curators!

If, after browsing the site and doing your research, you think Boticca’s customers would love the work you’re producing, then apply!

Chiara, Style Hunter at Boticca, says, "We look for a combination of things in new collections, type of accessory to materials, quality, and the story of the designer themselves, which, of course, is really important to us.”

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