Monday, 11 May 2009

I am a woman now!


I know these pictures are from a few months (February 2009), but I don't resist posting something about Kate Moss. Probably not everyone likes her, but for me, this crush I have it's beyond my control, as John Malkovich said on Dangerous Liaisons... This pictures are from New York magazine and Miss Kate show off her new curves. She said about it:

"I am a woman now! It's true. No, honestly, I've never worn a bra in my life. Ever! It's so awful, even my friends are phoning me up saying "Are you pregnant?" And I'm like, "No! I just put on a couple of pounds, and they went in the right place." Isn't that weird? And how perfect for lingerie."

Well, I prefer her new body it's much more human!!
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